Hello Minequestrian!

We hope you are enjoying the Minequestria to its fullest. Our goal is to provide one of the highest quality Minecraft servers on the net. We truly hope you enjoy your stay.

Running a high-level Minecraft server is not free. Up until this point Minequestria has been the side-project/brain-child of one person. A few other got pulled in and it started to become something a little more focused. Semingly overnight we went from 3 regular users to 10 or 15. When we decided to have the server formally hosted it was with great excitement and trepidation. Could we pull enough dedicated users to help us make it worthwhile? Only time will tell.

Minequestria will always be completely 100% free-to-play. We have no intentions of making it a pay-to-play server. But to that end, if you feel the need to help us cover our expenses, we have a system in place just for you. You can become a Donor or a Sponsor.

We currently offer Three forms of contribution:
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As a Donor, you can give any amount you want as often as you like. There is no membership or recurring payment. You should have a tremendous sense of pride! In the future we may start offering IRL gifts at certain donation levels.

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As a supporter, you want in-game PERKS! Each support tiers unlocks a specific set of in-game perks. Some of which are exclusive to Supporters
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Sponsors are in it for the recognition. As a sponsor you choose what level you want and receive advertising in exchange for your cash.
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Regardless of how you contribute, any all donations will go directly towards recouping out-of-pocket expenses and making the server better for everyone. If you do choose to become a Donor or Sponsor, we thank you and appreciate your support.

Kindest Regards,

The Minequestria Team

In donating to the MineQuestria team for hosting, you automatically accept these terms and conditions:
1. You cannot under any circumstance get a refund for your donation. All payments are final.
2. You will be allowed at any time to cancel your subscription, but if you pay for more than you play, you will not be refunded the remainder.
3. These terms & conditions are subject to change without warning.
4. All sponsor and donor packages and perks are subject to change at any time without notice.