Become a Sponsor

If you would prefer to be recognized and held high upon the shoulders of the masses for your financial assistance, then you may consider becoming a SPONSOR.

There are 4 levels of sponsorship. They look like this:

  • WOOD: You get one (1) sign placed in-game in the sponsor area. You decide what the sign says (within reason and must be Admin approved.)
  • IRON: You get the WOOD level ad plus an in-game Announcement that will show to all online players at a predetermined interval. You decide what the message is (within reason and must be Admin approved.)
  • GOLD: You get WOOD & IRON level ads plus a listing on the server sponsor page.
  • DIAMOND: You get WOOD, IRON, & GOLD level ads plus an ad on the blog sidebar. 275 x up to 150px linked image plus up to 3 lines of text. This will show to everyone who reads the blog.

To become a sponsor just complete this form:

Yearly Plans
Sponsor Type
Name / Business Name:
MQ Username or Email

As a sponsor, you are agreeing to a term of one year (paid monthly or yearly) of Minequestria Sponsorship.

By sponsoring MineQuestria you automatically accept these terms and conditions:
1. You cannot under any circumstance get a refund for your donation. All payments are final.
2. You will be allowed at any time to cancel your subscription, but if you pay for more than you play, you will not be refunded the remainder.
3. These terms & conditions are subject to change without warning.
4. All sponsor and donor packages and perks are subject to change at any time without notice.