As a supporter, you want in-game PERKS! Each support tiers unlocks a specific set of in-game perks. Some of which are exclusive to Supporters. As an added bonus, anytime perks are added to a support tier, you will automatically be upgraded to have the new perks!

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Plugin NameCommandDescriptionS1S2S3S4S5
BackPack/backpack [Upgrade]Backpack Slots Available (use "/backpack upgrade" until Max Size is reached)1827364554
BackPackN/AAllows item pickups to automatically go into the backpack if users inventory is almost full.
BackPackN/AAllows users to upgrade backpack for free.
BackPackN/AAllows users to keep items in Backpack upon player death.
Death ChestN/AAllows User to create and use a DeathChest in there home instead of a having to find a GraveStone
Death Chest/dcportallows a person to teleport directly to their deathchest
EssentialsN/AAllowed Home Locations35710
EssentialsN/AAllows people to build when using permission systems which don't support build toggles.
Essentials/nearlists players near
Essentials/me the /me command sends a narrative message to the other players in the form of "* Yourname actiontext" (e.g., "* Yourname sneezes.").
Essentials/ignore (player)allows a user to mute another player (only for them)
Essentials/hatAllow access to the /hat command.
EssentialsN/AGive this permission to allow players to use /back to go to their death spot
EssentialsN/AThis allows you to color your private messages using color codes.
Essentials/topAllow access to the /top command.
EssentialsN/AThis allows you to use urls in your chat messages.
Essentials/ptime Allow player to change player time. note: if server time is night mobs will spawn
Essentials/workbenchpulls up a crafting table via command line
EssentialsN/AThis allows you to format your private messages using format codes.
Essentials/feedreplenishes hunger
Essentials/jumpteleports you to the place your looking at
EssentialsN/AThis allows you to color your chat messages using color codes.
EssentialsN/AThis allows you to color your signs using color codes.
EssentialsN/AThis allows you to format your chat messages using format codes.
EssentialsN/AThis allows you to format your signs using format codes.
Essentials/nickallows you to set a nickname
EssentialsN/ABypass the teleport cooldown
EssentialsN/ABypass the teleport delay
Essentials/powertoolClears all bound commands from the current item.
Essentials/healAllow a player to instantly heal themselves
Essentials/powertooltoggleAllow access to the /powertooltoggle command.
Essentials/repairAllow the player to repair all items in and on their person.
Essentials/tpposAllow a player to teleport to a set of Coordinates Sample: /tppos -1234 65 1234
Essentials/vanishAllows a player to become invisible to all players. repeat command to toggle
EssentialsN/AControls who can create disposal signs.
EssentialsN/AControls who can create warp signs.
EssentialsN/AExempts the user from being auto kicked for AFK
EssentialsN/APlayer can join when the server is full.
EssentialsN/AThis allows you to use the matrix/magic color in your chat messages.
Essentials/flytoggles fly
Essentials/feedCan Use feed FOR FREE
Essentials/healCan use feed FOR FREE
Essentials/warpCan use warp FOR FREE
Essentials/repairRepair all also repairs equipped armor.
EssentialsN/AThis allows you to use urls in your private messages.
EssentialsN/AThis allows you to color your nickname using color codes.
EssentialsN/AThis allows you to format your nickname using format codes.
Essentials/warp Allow access to the /warp command.
EssentialsN/AThis allows you to use the matrix/magic color in your signs.
Essentials/warpSpecifies whether you can view warp list with /warp.
EssentialsN/AThis allows you to use the matrix/magic color in your private messages.
Essentials/repairRepairing of enchanted items.
Essentials/infoAllows Access to the "/info" tool
Essentials/weather Changes the current weather
Essentials/godAllow access to the /god command.
Essentials/thunderAllow access to the /thunder command.
Essentials/enchantAllows access to the /enchant command. (for a cost)
EssentialsN/AAllows adding multiple commands to a single powertool.
EssentialsN/AAllows the user to keep their exp on death, instead of dropping it.
EssentialsN/ABypass the heal cooldown
EssentialsN/AExempts you from the kit delay feature, this affects signs as well as command.
Essentials/morerefills the stack in your hand
EssentialsN/ARemoves the cap on the number of homes people are allowed (if they have multiple homes).
Essentials/repairRepairing of enchanted items.
FC_AnnouncerN/ADoes not see Sponsor Ads in the chat
GodsN/APlayer cannot be cursed by any God
GodsN/APlayer can be blessed by a God
GodsN/APlayer can create (believe) in a new God
GodsN/APlayer can receive item blessings from a God
LWC/magnet onMagnet will cause a chest to draw in nearby drops
LWC/lwc mode droptransfer selectDropTransfer will move all items dropped from your inventory into a prevously selected chest.
UniversalExpN/AAllows a player to make and use an Sign XP bank

Common commands have been omitted for simplicity, see alsp Player Ranks Page

• = Default Perk (time advancement)- Also available through time-based ranks
◊ = EXCLUSIVE PERK (only available to supporters)[/spoiler]
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