MineQuestria Volunteer Teams

As you already know, we have a great future planned for MineQuestria. We just need a few extra people who are willing to put in some effort to help pull it all off.  We have put together several teams to help in this very issue. Below is a list of groups and descriptions of the duties to be performed.  Each team will receive certain in-game perks that will be discussed later. If you feel up to the challenge, and want to help make MineQuestria better for everyone, we have just the job for you.


Daily Dig Team

The Daily Dig is a News Blog within www.minequestria.com. It writes funny newspaper articles from a reporters point of view.  The news can be made up, real world news, or anything else unique. It just needs to have a  journalistic feel.  Each article should have a screenshot to finish off the effect. Writers will have access to a Google Calendar to show when their next article is due. Our admins will continue to write, but with everything else to do, time is limited and we want to publish stories much more often. Please sign up if you want to give writing a try.

For more examples of what we’re looking for, look back at the first couple of Daily Dig posts.  The Daily Dig.

Builder Team

The Builder Team is responsible for making more Public Use buildings. Sometimes projects will be decided and you need to build them; other times you will decide what to build for yourself and submit for approval. We are also hoping to have members lead “community builds” which they will organize and all players can join in (such as a themed city where people can add buildings). Builds can be either done with a group or individually.  Builds will either have deadlines or will have an overseeing admin make sure that progress is being made.

Moderator Team

The Moderator team is responsible for keeping a family friendly nature in the chat throughout the day, as well as as helping guests find their way throughout their visit. Moderators are also responsible for taking care of minor player disputes, explaining the rules, and basically being the police officers of the server.

General Tech Team

The Tech team is generally just people that understand the tech end of the server well enough to be able to configure plugins, understand error logs, and ultimately do whatever needs to be done to have server plugins working like intended.

Dev Team

While MineQuestria currently doesn’t need a Dev team, this team will be made up of people who understand the Java coding language well enough to write bukkit plugins for MineQuestria. As MineQuestria grows, we don’t want to have to rely on developers that aren’t part of the MineQuestria team.

Video Team

MineQuestria has it’s own YouTube channel, and we’re looking for people to partake in MineQuestria Video. We could use members to come up with video ideas, write scripts, and/or record videos.  We will also have different kinds of videos. More information will become available later, but the general types of videos we’re hoping to get up are instructional videos for the mods in minequestria, as well as funny gameplay in MQ videos, and featuring spotlight builds in MineQuestria. Please note which kind of videos you would most like to do.

Website Team

The website team is responsible for getting pages up on the site online and keeping them updated. In general, we will provide the topic and information that you need, and will just need you to make a finished product. Our website uses WordPress the easy to use Visual WYSIWYG style editor means you don’t have to be exceptionally familiar with websites, just with writing.  If you can, you could get advanced with the html editor and make pages that will blow us away.  Keeping people checking the website is a vital part of MineQuestria’s growth.  Also, we hope to add a Wiki to the site soon.

Social Networking Team

This team is responsible for keeping our Social Networking Sites up to date. We need to keep Google Plus, Facebook, and Tumblr supplied with interesting posts and keep users coming back to check in. If someone takes initiative,  We also could reach out in even more directions with new ideas and profiles (like Twitter) . With help executing them, there seems no limit how far we can go.

Helper Team

They know most everything about life in Minequestria. Helpers need to introduce themselves and MineQuestria to Guests, and offer to show them around. They can answer just about any question that players in MineQuestria might have. They’re responsible for helping new users, showing them around, making sure they feel welcome and important. A new player should NEVER get frustrated,  confused and leave.


If you think you could do well in one or more of the teams mentioned,  please help out the community by volunteering!

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