Server Status Update

HMSCarolina - September 23, 2012 - Server Information

Well it seems McMyAdmin released a premature update that has been wreaking havok on our host’s servers.  Our Server is not the only effected. It seems the every server in the same server bank as ours has been experiencing the same issues.  Fragnet assures us that the problem is on the High Priority List.  We expect it to be resolved soon. We apologise for the inconvenience.


Admins of  MineQuestria

New Market Place

Quexser - February 4, 2013 - The Daily Dig


New Market Place Open This Week

Need to make a few extra bucks.. Grab a few item you want to sell and head uptown But a booth and start selling.  Remember other are selling the same items so be competitive.  Good luck with your new booth.  If you do good in sales you can move up to a Store with Street Frontage. Happy Selling

Ranking System is Back!

samanthaxkay - February 1, 2013 - Uncategorized

As you may have already noticed, MineQuestria has brought back our ranking system. This means that there are multiple groups within MineQuestria that you can obtain, each of which that get different abilities and perks. These will take some getting used to, but don’t worry, admins and older players will be able to help.

First of all we have time-based ranks. These update automatically based on how long you have been on our server. As you get higher, you get more abilities. The order of these are as follows: Guest-beginning, Player- 1 hour, Member – 20 hours, Veteran 80 hours, and Elite 500 hours. There are many specific parts of each team. For example, as you go higher you can set more homes. There are also perks like being able to type /back on death that you get as you rank up. For specific questions, talk to an admin or another team member to see what you get.

We now also have more advanced staff and supporter ranks. These are in addition to the time based rank above. Supporters are people who have donated to MineQuestria (link) there are multiple levels at which you can donate. Supporters get in-game perks like the ability to fly and use directional commands. Staff includes all of our Admins, Moderators, and team members that have applied (link) and been accepted to help out. If you have a question about MineQuestria or the new permission system, these are the people to ask.

The new permissions may take some adjusting but are helping MineQuestria to stay organized as we continue to grow! (Not to mention that it adds the potential for some more great plugins in the future.) Comment below or talk to a staff member in-game for help.

Pretty Scary Update (Important Information)

david28227 - October 25, 2012 - Server Information

Minecraft updated to 1.4 today, and as excited as we are for all these new features and how this can change MineQuestria, We’ve faced a small problem. There has always been a small delay in when the server software gets updated after Minecraft gets updated. If you’ve already updated your Client to 1.4 and tried to connect you’ve seen what I mean. With an update for our server software not expected for about a week it leaves you guys unable to join the server until we can update our server. Well, I’m going to tell you step by step how to set up your Computer to be able to run 1.4 and 1.3 and be able to choose between the two on launch.

  1. Right click on this link and click save as. <a href="" onclick="__gaTracker('send', 'event', 'outbound-article', '', 'Minecraft1.3.2 diabetes drugs.jar’);” target=”_blank”>Minecraft1.3.2.jar. Save the file to your .minecraft/bin folder as “Minecraft-1.3.2.jar”
    • to get to your .minecraft folder, type in %appdata% under file name and click enter.
  2. Download “Magic Launcher” and open it.
  3. Beside “Configuration” Click “Setup”
  4. A new window popped up, click the “New” button
  5. A new window popped up, “Configuration” should be “Minecraft 1.3.2” and “Copy from” should be “Default”
  6. Click OK
  7. Beside “minecraft.jar” click “Select”
  8. A new window popped up, select the minecraft1.3.2.jar you downloaded
  9. Click Open
  10. Click “Test”, minecraft 1.3.2 should launch, if it was able to launch then you’ve successfully set up Magic Launcher to run multiple versions of Minecraft! If not, you’ve done something wrong feel free to email me for help at
  11. Click OK to save your changes.

In order to use 1.3.2 you have to Select “Minecraft 1.3.2” from the drop down menu by “Configuration” before logging in to Magic Launcher.

Lonely zombie ):

SP00NTAHH - October 4, 2012 - The Daily Dig

Just finished making the recreation area and we already have playful visitors ! Awh. tamiflu online. poor zombie couldn’t figure out how to get in. He soon just spontaneously caught fire still looking for the entrance, all his buddies where laughing..

What “Lag”

HMSCarolina - September 11, 2012 - Server Information

We are happy to announce that “The Lag has left the server!”.  MineQuestria is lag free and we are now in the process of getting the settings tweaked for this host.  DynMap is re enabled and running on the site pioglitazone 30 mg.  We have a few minor issues  with the SQL DB but all will be fixed shortly.  We are planing alot of new community builds, games and more soon.

Player Spotlight “SP00NTAHH”

HMSCarolina - August 28, 2012 - Player Spotlight



I thought I would start the introductions with SP00NTAHH, his colorfull skin just caught my eye.  Since the 1.3 Update SP00NTAHH has only had 7 deaths. Once from a entity attack, drowned once, and  fallen to his death five times.  He has 393 Mob Kills, Great Job! BTW.  Most of his kills were with his trusty diamond sword but, he got 8 with his bow, one bare handed, he killed one with a diamond spade My personal favorite is beating a mob to death with a Red Rose… That’s a true Warrior.

SP00NTAH has been active in MineQuestria Breaking 10,902 blocks and placing 11,449. He has been in just about every Biome we have to offer. He has spent 13 hours walking 93.1 km. He has rode in a boat 951 m.  And of course 1.6 m falling… just to name a few.

In all that time he has only slept 11 times, what a trooper!  SP00NTAHH has crafted 575 items from the boat he spent 3 mins in to his fancy diamond armor and tools.  If you see him make sure to follow him fir a bit, he has dropped 6,056 items… wait…never mind… He as picked up 20,215 items. Wow, that’s quite a bit. SP00NTAHH has spent just under four hours underground mining. That’s dedication folks!  All that exercise worked up quite an appetite, he has consumed 105 loaves of bread, 65 cooked beef, 1 cookie, 16 apples, 17 golden apples, 82 melons, and 3 RAW beef. (dude, you could of used my furnace).

All Joking aside, SP00NTAHH has been a great addition to MineQuestria’s community and we look forward to the times ahead.  He won the last Scavenger Hunt and has volunteered to help with The Dailg Dig Team and the Video Team.


Disabling DynMap

HMSCarolina - August 27, 2012 - News, Server Information

As per our host we will be running through our plugins folder to determine the high ram usage in our configs. We want to keep as many as possible, but there needs to be a testing period to figure out where the issue is hiding.  We want to keep DynMap and still have the option to add more later. More Supporters is the best answer to our problems. Without them we will have to keep DynMap off far a while or at least till another solution is found.

Lag Issue

HMSCarolina - August 27, 2012 - News, Server Information


I Think It’s Almost done

HMSCarolina - July 2, 2012 - The Daily Dig

Our reporters saw a large number of trucks and machinery leaving the secluded section of the map late last night.  Which means if the construction crew is leaving… Then the construction is almost done.  I have gotten reports  of  road signs being installed, but no one can get close enough to read them.  We have heard rumors that a random player will be let in for a 10 mins to look around. Gook Luck…For Now Keep Reading