In Game Events

We will try to have simi-regular events like contests, scavenger hunts and other fun things. So take some time to check out the currently running events. We will try to post an event schedule so you know what is coming up or in the works.

[spoiler title=”Scavenger Hunt 1 7/15/2012″ open=”0″ style=”1″]

Status: ACTIVE

Welcome to MineQuestrias’s first scavanger hunt!

Here is how the game works, You must first find or craft all items in the list.  There are two parts to the list, first part is general hunting and crafting. The second is a bit more challenging, but the rewards are much better!

The list below will earn:

  • $5000.00 deposited into your MineQuestria account
  • 50 EXP Levels
  • 1 Diamond Axe

The List:

  • 10 Chiseled Sandstone (Creeper)
  • 1 Bucket of milk
  • 1 Bucket of Lava
  • 2 Jack-o-lanterns
  • 14 Tall Grass
  • 6 Panes of Glass
  • 2 Books
  • 1 Cake
  • 1 Dozen eggs
  • 3 Ink Sacks
  • 5 Clay Blocks (not balls)
  • 8 Cactus Greens
  • 5 Fermented Spider eyes
  • 11 Jungle Leaves
  • 8 Vines

Ok, if you got all that dig deep and grab on. the rest of the list is a bit more difficult. But, with some skill and maybe some help from google, you can do it! Get both lists and the pay off is listed below

  • $12,500.00 into your MineQuestria account
  • 100 EXP Levels
  • 1 Diamond Axe
  • 1 Diamond Sword with Looting III Enchantment

The List:

  • 5 Soul Sand
  • 5 Gold Nuggets
  • 1 Grass Block
  • 2 Glowstones
  • 1 Lily pad
  • 12 Nether bricks
  • 3 Gunpowders
  • 1 Enchanted Bow with Power 1
  • 3 Mundane Potions
  • 8 Iron Bars (Not ingots.)

You have as long as you need

GOOD LUCK…Let The Hunt Begin!!!


To turn in you loot, follow these instructions:

  1. Get all the stuff, a chest and a sign
  2. got to the Welcome Center in Survival Spawn
  3. Click on the Warp Sign “Hunt”
  4. Place a chest along the wall, place your loot in the chest, place a sign above your chest with your username, date and time ( be Honest, I check often. Any cheats will be deleted)
  5. Type /cprivate and hit your sign
  6. Retype /cprivate and hit your chest (that locked your chest so no one else can get in it.)

I will award prizes as soon as we have winners.  Many can win, so don’t stop trying.


If you’d like to make one of your own, design your hunt and email it to We are planning a lot more great games and things in the near furture.