MineQuestria has a fully function economy. Players can farm their own crops, mine their own minerals, and craft their own products then either sell their surplus to the server, create their own store, or trade with other players. All transactions are automatically added or removed from your account, no need for a wallet in your inventory. Need an item you can’t find? Simply buy it from the Global Mall at spawn, or from another user’s store. There are many economic features in this server, such as Spout-Trade, BattleShops and essentials economy

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[spoiler title=”Essentials Economy” open=”0″ style=”2″]Essentials Economy is the basis on which our servers economy is run. This plugin fuels the purchases you and I make on a daily basis. People of the right rank are able to sell, buy, and even express-sell from their own inventory! [/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”BattleShops” open=”0″ style=”2″]


Selling: Left-Click to sell the quantity listed on the sign Buying: Right-Click to buy the quantity listed on the sign

Buying/Selling in Bulk:

If you would like to buy/sell multiples type the following in the command line.

Buy Example: ****/shop buy <amount>x

Sell example: ****/shop sell 32x

After pressing enter then Right-Click to buy multiples of the quantity shown on the sign. The X IS IMPORTANT. To sell do the same but use “sell” instead of buy and Left-Click to sell.

Looking at past transactions:

If you would like to see who has been buying/selling to your shop type **** /str or /shoptransactions [# of days]

Or if you would like to see what you have bought or sold to other shops **** /ptr or /playertransactions [# of days]

Creating a shop:

To buy/sell an item you must have two things, a “Shop Chest” and a “Shop Sign”. They can be created in any order and you can have more than 1 and create more than 1 at a time.

1) To create a “Shop Sign” you must create a sign with the following format

  • Line 1: <leave blank>
  • Line 2: <quantity you are selling at a time>
  • Line 3: <Your Selling ┬áPrice> : <What you will Pay others>
  • LIne 4: <item name or item id>

Here is an example, typing the following

  • {blank line}
  • 2
  • 10 : 15
  • Diamond

will create a shop sign looking like this.

  • {my_player_name}
  • 2
  • B 15 : 10 S

Your name is automatically inserted into the first line. The second line has the quantity and if you have not already created a “Shop Chest” then it will have the Letter “U” to the right of the quantity. This means this shop is not active yet and is Unlinked. To link it to a shop chest follow step #2

To create a sign for items with sub-item codes. You can either do {item name}:{sub-item code} or {item id}:{sub-item code} example : Red Wool

2) To create a “Shop Chest” you must Left-Click the chest with a redstone torch. If the chest is empty, it “Links” to any sign. It will be able to buy/sell everything If the chest has items, it “Links” ONLY to those signs that buy/sell these types of items You can NOT create a “Shop Chest” in an area where you do not have build permissions.

3) To Unlink a shop chest you Left-Click it again with a redstone torch.

Shop Permissions: Any non admin that touches your Shop Chests will Break the shop connection and “Unlink” your chest. If you do not want this to happen you will need to give the player permission to touch your Shop Chests 1) Add “Shop Chest” permissions Code:

/shop add

2) Remove “Shop Chest” permissions to other people Code:

/shop remove

3) List who has access to your shop chests Code:

/shop list

Shop Sign Quantities: The Shop Sign can display the following quantities: U: This shop sign is unlinked 0: There are no items to be bought <X: There are less than X items in the linked chests X: There are X items in the linked chests. Full: The linked chests can not be sold any more of the item

The quantity remaining on the shop sign is updated immediately after Someone buys/sells, the shop sign is linked or unlinked to a Shop Chest

If someone is adding or removing items from a Shop Chest, the sign will update within a minute.

Items with Datavalues: The shops can now handle names with item Values, before you had to type in the item name like Wool:14, now you can simply put “Red Wool”


  • Black Wool
  • Light Blue Wool
  • Red Wool
  • Log
  • Redwood Log
  • Birch Log
  • Sapling
  • Redwood Sapling
  • Birch Sapling
  • Ink Sac
  • Green Dye
  • Pink Dye