First, Welcome to MineQuestria!

We have created two worlds for your complete experience. We have a Survival World with a few extra features, such as Tree Assist, Spout Trade, Show Case, LWC and more. The Survival World Spawn has a Modern City with Housing additions and a marketplace for players to sell their Inventory items.  We want you to feel as if you have found the last server you want to build in, and make Minequestria your new home.

If you need anything our Admins are an email away. They are listed below.


A Few High Points:

  • Keep Checking the website for server updates, news and In game games… (Scavenger hunts, Treasure Hunts and more)
  • We have several Ranks, each with more privileges.
  •  We have a fully working economy. players can buy, sell & trade.  just type: /money to check your balance.
  • DynMap is a MineQuestria GPS With Players, Mobs and more.

A Few Suggestions:

  • Don’t build close to spawn, as players increase you will find yourself getting more and more crowded.
  • Place a sign at your build or  front door with your Minecraft Username. Anything found without signs will be considered abandoned  and could be removed.
  • Refer to the plugins page to learn commands for the plugins available to you.
  • There are thing that can only be gotten with a Sponsor Membership such as Unlimited Homes, ExpBank, DeathChest, /fly, /jump and Warp Signs
  • Refer to the Building a Home Page Click Here

Our Ranks:

  • Guest, a player who has less than 1 hour of play.
  • Player, a player who achieves 1 hours of play.
  • Member, a player who achieves 20 Hours of Play.
  • Veteran, a player who achieves 80 hours of play.
  • Elite, a player who achieves 500 hours or more of play.
  • Sponsor, a player who chooses to give a financial donation to the server.
  • Moderator, Sort of the MineQuestria Police.  They help solve disputes.
  • Admin, They oversee the Moderators.
  • Owners, I guess you could say they pay the bills and oversee the entire server.

Remember, If you are not a Admin now, with dedication and loyalty you can always be promoted.

In Closing:

Welcome to MineQuestria

Please Enjoy Your New Home