Player Rules

Just a few Commonsense Rule to Keep It Fun for Everyone

  • No griefing! Blocks are logged and you will get caught. Griefing includes taking things without an owner’s permission.
  • Place a sign beside the front door with your Minecraft Username of any building you want to keep. It will be subject to removal if it is not claimed at a scheduled clean-up date.
  • Do not exploit animal spawners. They will be removed if being exploited.
  • Traps for spawners will get you banned, Natural spawners found in dungeons are okay
  • If you die, don’t ask for your things back. If you can find your deathpoint, break the sign of your gravestone to get your items and 70% of your XP back
  • Try not to  build too close to others without there permission. Respect other peoples homes and mines.
  • Farther from spawn = More space for yourself. If you want to build big, go farther from spawn.
  • Don’t advertise other servers and generally avoid external links in chat.
  • Don’t ask for handouts. If you need something, go to the spawn village, or find a player’s shop.
  • When you break a tree, cut it down entirely and replant
  • Don’t strip mine.